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23 hours ago

Medicine :: Occularists in South Africa: What is an Occularist?

An ocularist is a trained professional who manufactures and fits custom made ocular prostheses or artificial eyes. He or she is also qualified to fit scleral or haptic shells (lenses that fit over non-sensitive, blinded eyes).

The ocularist works closely with the patient and his or her ophthalmologist and/or facial surgeon in order to ensure that the prosthetic provided matches the patient's remaining eye as closely as possible and that it fits perfectly into the socket. The ocularist is also the one who instructs the patient on the care of the artificial eye and to whom the patient will return periodically for maintenance thereof.

The loss or disfiguration of an eye can have an overwhelming impact on the victim's life as it affects him or her not only on a physical level but also emotionally and socially. In addition to having to come to terms with either partial or complete blindness, victims of eye injuries must also face the challenges associated with the disfiguration and loss of functionality that comes with such injuries, such as depression and low self-esteem. Therefore, in addition to providing the patient with a lifelike prosthesis, the ocularist's role is also to assist the patient in coming to terms with his or her loss.

Creating the most natural looking prosthetic for the patient is an essential part of the healing process and goes a long way toward restoring the individual's self-confidence. Technological advances over the years have made it possible to create custom ocular prostheses that are virtually impossible to distinguish from their non-artificial counterparts as it is now possible to duplicate iris structure more closely than ever before. Prostheses are custom fitted and inserted as soon as possible after the eye removal surgery, allowing for the necessary reshaping of the surrounding tissue, which in turn delivers superior results in terms of appearance, motion and comfort for the patient.

Most ocularists in South Africa are registered with the Ocularists Association of Southern Africa (OASA), a regulatory body whose purpose is to ensure that the rights and interests of both ocularist and patient alike are considered in the practice of ocularistry. All ocularists registered with OASA are also members of the South African Optometric Association (SAOA).

Art Eyes specialises in the creation of handcrafted, custom moulded ocular prosthesis (artificial eyes) and haptic scleral shells (lenses that fit over non-sensitive, blinded eyes). In addition to providing their patients with specially crafted prostheses, they also take great pride in delivering a highly personalised service specifically tailored to each client's needs. Their practice is about delivering superior quality services and products with the empathy and professionalism that you deserve. Art Eyes have branches situated in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Bloemfontein.

2 days ago

Would You Like Flame Retardants With That Couch?

SEATTLE -- Most of Aimee Robinson's customers are moms. And more of them are starting to ask questions about the contents of the couches and chairs she constructs.

"I get moms crying on the phone," said Robinson, owner of the green furniture company EcoBalanza. "Their main concern is protecting their loved ones from exposure to toxic chemicals."

EcoBalanza's six-person workforce prides itself on not using any formaldehyde or other synthetic materials commonly found in furniture. But these days, many of Robinson's customers have one particular chemical threat on the brain, flame retardants -- which is an additive EcoBalanza also avoids.


7 days ago

Environment :: Trash removal companies- a step towards saving the environment

There are times when your house gets cluttered up with unused stuff. It is possible that the stuff you find useless can be used by someone else or recycled to make something useful. Removing the trash from the house can be a pain in the neck and can take much of your time. If you wish to remove the useless items from your house, you can take the help of professional trash removal services. is a website that provides a list of companies that provide garbage removal services in your area.

Taking the help of these companies is useful as they collect the garbage from your home and recycle it. You can just log in to the website and select the city you live in. a list of companies in the vicinity will appear. You can then choose the one nearest to your home and call them up to collect the garbage. The services of the companies on this website cater to houses as well as industries. The industries too have a lot of waste material that can easily be recycled and put to good use. Most of the industries opt for these services and help save the environment.

You too can do your bit to save the environment by giving for recycling, the products that you do not use. The items can include electronic goods, consumer goods, furniture or debris. All the people who wish to get the trash removed from their houses or industries can register with the website and get the services of the trash removal companies. The company will then send a garbage truck to your home to collect the trash. The services of these companies are most useful when you have renovated your house, remove damaged material or simply to clean up your house. Snow removal services are also available with most of the companies.

Hospitals can also opt for these services for hazardous waste removal. Hazardous waste can be found in many of the industries and places like hospitals. It is necessary to remove this type of waste so that it does not harm the environment. The services of are available in Australia, Gambia, Canada, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States and Virgin Islands.

There are hundreds of companies listed on the website that offer garbage removals services in these countries. All you need to do is to select the country you live in and then select the area. A list of all the companies will pop up and you can then make choice. The services of these companies may vary from each other. Most of the companies offer all types of trash removal while there may be some companies that specialize in services like farm waste or snow removal services. You can get the benefit of these services at very affordable prices. Contribute towards a better environment by giving the unused goods for recycling. Your step will motivate others and this way we will make earth a better place to live in.

1 week ago

The Big Business Of Battling Bed Bugs

In what some call America's most bedbug-infested city, a man named Frank reluctantly discussed the high cost of his bloodsucking guests.

"I had a bedbug-sniffing dog come out and then exterminator treatment," he Furniture Removals Johannesburg said. "I spent $350 for the stupid dog and a few hundred dollars to send my clothing out for cleaning. That's more than $1,000 just to be safe."

Now the bugs were taking another bite out of Frank. He contemplated the ceiling-high display of mattress bedbug barriers priced between $59.99 and $99.99 at a Manhattan Bed Bath & Beyond store.

Treating America's Bedbug Problem

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1 week ago

Key Factors to Consider While Choosing a Junk Removal Company

We all want to dispose of the cumulative junk in our living spaces, but it is not as easy as dumping it in a garbage can and leaving it outside the house. Professional assistance may be needed to dispose of a huge chunk of junk, especially when we are talking about old furniture, doors, or other similar utilities.

It is natural for us to be tempted to hire the lowest charging organization; everyone wants to save on the extra expenditure. However, a cheap service may prove to be extremely costly in the time to come. How? Well, there are many ethical and legal aspects to this work. For instance, a company may quote a lower price, but may dump all your junk elsewhere instead of a landfill site. All this, and more is explained in the following section.

2 weeks ago

Furniture Removers, Removal Trucks | Gauteng Removals and Storage

We strive to be one of the dominant furniture removal companies in the furniture removal industry by moving and relocating

Household furniture and Office furniture at the competitive rate using our reliable professional furniture removal staff and removal trucks.

We have over 2350 satisfied and loyal clients on our database.

Gauteng Furniture Removals and storage are based in West Rand, Roodepoort Johannesburg.

We are proud to say that we provide a furniture removal service in all 9 provinces in South Africa.

Our furniture removal trucks can transport you household furniture and office furniture from Johannesburg Gauteng to any of the 9 provinces.

We established the Furniture removal Company after the founder realise the lack of professionalism in the Home Removal Industry and wanted to address it and provide office removal services as well.

We move and transport home and office furniture 7 days a week and on Public Holidays.

We can send ou moving trucks from City to city, town to town or across the road

Household (Home, Residential) Removals

Office (Workplace, Commercial) Removals

Professional packing, wrapping & crating services

Loading and stacking furniture at residence or offices

Offloading, unwrapping and setting up of furniture into new home or office

Removal of unpacked debris

Full supervised mobility management throughout the move

Short and long distance moving of home or office furniture

2 weeks ago

Seattle Pest Control Company Donates Bed Bug Removal Service to Providence Hospice of Seattle Patient

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Upon discovering that one of their patients had an infestation of

bedbugs in their apartment, Providence Hospice of Seattle reached out to

Eden Advanced Pest Technologies for help. Previously homeless for 10

years and living with cancer of the larynx, the man in their care was

living independently thanks to assistance from the REACH program in

South Seattle, but was unable to get sufficient help in ridding his home

of these pests.

"We were truly moved by this man's story and predicament," said Jen

Marlowe McCauley, spokeswoman for the Seattle pest control service. "He

had already faced so many big challenges in his life. To have bed bugs

ruining his stable living situation seemed ridiculous."

Eden Pest Control sent their Seattle-based staff members, Randy Moffatt

and Jason Chandler, to remove the bed bugs using a heat treatment to the

entire apartment. The technicians treated the infestation by raising the

room temperature to 130 degrees to kill the bed bugs and their eggs. The

pests could be found throughout the kitchen cabinets and apartment


"The infestation was much worse than it originally appeared," said Randy

Moffatt, Service Supervisor with the Eden Pest Control Greater Seattle

team. "The bedbugs literally came out of the woodwork as soon as it got

to around 100 degrees."

Providence Hospice of Seattle was able to provide the Seattle man new

clothes and a place to stay for two nights while his apartment was

undergoing bed bug treatment. He returned home to a bed bug-free place.

"We all deserve a little kindness, even more so when life has been

difficult. We were happy to be able to donate our time to help make his

life a bit easier," Moffatt said.

About Eden Advanced Pest Technologies

Eden Advanced Pest Technologies is a Northwest pest control company with

locations throughout Oregon and Western Washington. Eden's full-service

pest management team has served both residential and commercial

customers for more Furniture Removals Johannesburg than 20 years and is the Northwest's foremost

authority on bed bug pest control.